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I have been a cyclist for about 34 years and riding bikes for me has always been about going on adventures and having fun!

In more recent years cycling has also been my primary form of transport. I have ridden folding bikes, electric bikes, an articulated tandem folding bike and an xtracycle in the pursuit of the ultimate human powered transport machine for myself and my growing daughter. Over the years I’ve cycled in all weathers and often in some bizarre outfits of dubious aesthetic appeal. I wanted something practical AND stylish to wear, something that would keep me dry but not too hot, something bright so I’d be seen and above all that I would want to be seen in.

I love the variety of colours and textures in fabrics, ideally natural fabrics and I see no reason why cyclists should be restricted to wearing skin tight black lycra, fluorescent builders hi-viz vests or Goretex from head to toe.

There must be another way…

Capes have been keeping folk cool and dry for millenia so I knew I wanted to make a lovely cycle cape. No yellow Pvc here, think Chocolat, Harry Potter or Lord of the Rings

Then there are hi-viz vests to re-design… the possibilities are endless and mostly unexplored.

More items coming soon, watch this space!